Our Design Story

I'm Pete Harris and I’ve been playing the drums for more than 40 years. In school, I was playing in jazz band, marching band and orchestra and I needed to carry the sticks, mallets, brushes and wands to cover all these groups.  And I haven’t stopped – I still play jazz, rock and whatever gets called at the various jam sessions I attend. 

Pete Harris

There are drumstick bags in all shapes, sizes and colors.  And I've tried them.  For me, none of them has ever felt just right.  Few of them had the capacity for all the things I want to carry.  Few of them felt like the quality of materials I wanted to carry.  And few of them felt like they would last more than a few months.  Finding a bag with the combination of these characteristics has been impossible. And it was that realization that led to the vision for the Paradiddle Bags drumstick bag: high capacity, high-quality look and feel, and indestructible. 

Paradiddle Bags was born, and the project to design our stick bag became a labor of love that took almost three years of prototyping to get right.  We made many different bags tweaking shape, size, and features.  We searched for just the right fabrics, colors, and hardware.  After multiple iterations, and much trial and error, we finally built the bag I always wanted to carry. 

I wanted to make sure our drumstick bag was built to last so we can stand behind that quality with a lifetime warranty. I also wanted to do everything possible to support our local economy. I was fortunate to find Peter, whose family runs a small sewing shop here in Seattle.  One of their core products is a high-school gym bag that they’ve been making for years.  With that experience, when I told him that our bag needed to be indestructible, Peter knew exactly what we needed.  Working with Peter means we get high-quality workmanship that comes from trusted relationships with people you know from your own community. 

Peter from Misty Mountain

I’m so confident that that you’ll love the Paradiddle Bags drumstick bag as much as I do, that we have a no-hassle return policy.  If you don’t absolutely love it, send it back for a full refund.  And if you ever have any problems with the bag, remember we back it with our lifetime warranty. 

Order one today and let us know how much you love!